PB 101 SunSet *PREM*

$25.00 USD

PERSONAL Lightroom Preset  were  created to make my photos stand out in several different lighting scenarios, and that is exactly why I use them. I have been using these presets  as a starting point to my editing workflow on many portraits and lifestyle photos. Each preset is adaptable to fit your photos by simply adjusting white balance, exposure, whites, shadows, and HSL to your liking! To me, these presets are very near and dear to my heart, as it has taken me years to develop my own unique style, and these color and light choices did not come easily to me. I hope that when you begin playing with these yourself, you find your own voice and begin to think of portraits and lifestyle photos differently! That is the point of art, right? TO GROW AND LEARN! :)

Pro Tips:

- Make sure you're shooting in a RAW format otherwise you will not be able to truly push these presets to their limit!

- Be sure to make your own adjustments to white balance, exposure, whites, shadows, and colors in the HSL panel until your photos look just right!

- HAVE FUN! If editing is not a fun and interesting process to you, you will get frustrated and give up over time, so I recommend finding a way to have fun every time you sit down to edit! :) 

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